Sunday, 17 April 2016

inspired Sunday Stash

This week I realised I have very little text fabric and even less that's neutral in colour. I got these lovely prints and another cone of Aurifil #2021 from Fluffy Sheep Quilting. I haven't finished my current cone quite yet but it's nice to have back up ready and waiting.

Newsprint, Modern Background Paper by Zen Chic and The End Slate, Reel Time by Zen Chic.

I really wanted that Newsprint fabric after seeing how Kim Niedzwiecki @gogokim used Modern Background Paper in this beautiful block on her instagram:

All the prints in the collection are gorgeous but I really wanted the text one! You can get Modern Background Paper here.

There are some beautiful Stitchy Pie needle cases being made...

I love this fabric and the gorgeous thread colours in this picture by @pinitandstitch:

Two beautiful versions, including some pretty embroidery by Caroline @lalinsocal:

And Hadley @mrsflyingblind made this gorgeous one with Priory Square and a brilliant dotty binding:

It is so exciting to see people using my pattern and I am so grateful for all the incredibly positive feedback ♡

The older kids are back at school tomorrow so I'm about to relax with some epp before another busy week!

Molli Sparkles


  1. Your newsprint fabric is wonderful! I have had a slight hankering to get some, yet it is so unlike anything I normally use. I wonder what's up with that???

  2. I bought a charm pack of Modern Background paper so I could peruse it and decide which prints I needed, the newsprint is definitely a winner. Congratulations on those pattern sales - it's a wonderful feeling isn't it!

  3. Oooo, those needle cases look like a brilliant idea! I love those Moda Modern Background prints as well, I don't know why text prints are cool but they really are! Also, dunno if it's included in your recent finds but I really love that heart-bee print - I've never seen it before but it's awesome! I do love bees. :)

  4. I have a few projects on the go that need some text prints so I need to do a shop soon for some. I especially love Hadley's sewing project, the colours are bright and go perfectly with the binding. I really enjoy seeing the same pattern down in different fabrics, so inspirational. x

  5. I have a charm pack of the modern background paper and have used some them, great additions to your stash! The needle cases from your pattern are all lovely!

  6. A lovely fabric indeed. ~The needle cases so far are all really nice too