Sunday, 27 March 2016

purfectly happy

We're enjoying a lovely long bank holiday weekend, chilling out and having family time (me losing at Monopoly). Happy Easter to all of you celebrating this weekend!

There have been some lovely stash additions arriving, with more coming next week - I've been a little online shopping happy.

I got these fabulous handmade panels from Peach and Pluto:

Joan is obsessed with pufferfish (I have no explanation!!) and we are trying to decide what to make with her panel - any suggestions? The Ginkgo panel is for me because gold on ice peach is such a delicious combination!

Lynne's new book Quick and Easy Quilts also arrived and it's full of beautiful quilts, I will be doing a review soon so keep an eye out for that...

Using my planner has been such a great help to me recently, reminding myself about what really needs to get done and keeping focusing! It's fun to make it pretty and I love The Reset Girl stickers. There was a sale and all orders (including international!) always get free shipping - just TRG stickers not any other products, but that's cool with me! I got a nice selection:

How cute are these planner honeys and the fun crafty reminders?!

I'm also a sucker for kawaii and got these sweet stickers from A Happy Blue Tree - fabulous customer service and really quick delivery too! The clipboards are for me to write kids school stuff that I need to remember and the trackers for vitamins (which I've recently started taking and am already benefiting from):

My adorable cat Amber turns 13 (or maybe 14?!) next month and she's been extra snuggly recently. She is half Persian (squished face) and half Tabby (you can see brown stripes in the sun despite her being black). Amber is very tolerant of the kids most of the time, she purrs when she hears me say 'good girl' and is just the sweetest cat. 

I will be spending the evening sewing with Amber on my knee and maybe jotting down some quilt ideas!

Head over to Mary Emmens for Sunday Stash this week - she's got a gorgeous giveaway too ❤

Molli Sparkles


  1. How could you not love those puffer fish! Could you make her a little bag to keep treasures in so she can use it all the time?
    I've fallen off the planner wagon 😔

  2. How about a notebook cover for Joan, for all her jottings and stories? Or a pouch for her treasures?

  3. How cute are the puffer fishes! Joan has got taste... the only explanation!

  4. Great fabrics Lucy, how big are the panels? I guess you could use the pufferfish with additional fabric to make a cushion cover for Joan, she wouldn't grow out of it...
    Thanks for joining in with Sunday Stash

  5. I love the pufferfish too.... And the Kwaiii stickers, though I'm not very good at using my planner.