Wednesday, 3 June 2015

all eyes

Now that I'm wearing glasses full time I was looking for some new frames, I really wanted some that would go with everything so black seemed like the best option. I also needed some prescription sunglasses. A while ago I was contacted by Firmoo but at the time didn't need new glasses; having recently got a new prescription though it was super convenient to order frames online. I chose these simple black glasses:

Firmoo provide all the measurements and details of the frames so I used my existing glasses to compare, which made it easier to judge the size of the frames and what would fit me well.

I am really pleased with the quality and Firmoo provide great customer service, they will answer any questions quickly and send updates about when your glasses are being processed and delivered. The glasses come with a hard case, a soft case, a microfibre cloth (which is amazing for cleaning!) and the most handy little screwdriver keyring!

Since I'm hoping the sun will eventually show up in the UK I also bought some prescription sunglasses. A must for me since my eyes do not like the sun at all! It was harder for me to pick frames for the sunglasses because I wasn't sure what look I wanted. I ended up choosing these classic looking tortoiseshell frames, with gold detail on the side:

Here's hoping summer arrives soon :)

If you would like to get yourself some new glasses or sunglasses Firmoo are offering a discount for new customers, just click here!


  1. Your new glasses and sunglasses look great! I try on every pair of sunglasses in the shop when I buy new ones. You are very brave ordering online!

  2. Even though I have worn glasses since I was ten, the chore of choosing specs never gets easier! And here in Australia they are very expensive so that always adds to the angst!

  3. Hi Lucy! Both of your NEW glasses look fantastic! I'm happy to hear your good experience with Firmoo. I haven't ordered from there, yet, but I have hosted give away for them and the winner was really happy with the sunglasses she got. x Teje

  4. both pairs really suit you! x

  5. Ugh, I hate shopping for glasses and sunglasses and have to try on at least two dozen pairs before I find some I can tolerate!! Both pairs look great on you, though!