Sunday, 8 February 2015

messy space, new stash

Well this is the mess that it my sewing space (it's just a desk shoved in the corner of our dining room). It's no surprise really since I've been doing so much hand sewing, things just get dumped here. I need to get back to some machine sewing though so this will have to get sorted out sharpish!

Over the past couple of weeks I've added some lovely additions to my stash and I have plans for them all so you'll see them popping up here and there!

First this divine bundle from Miss Matatabi:

Swedish Kitchen in teal, Lighthearted by Ayumi Takahashi; Swedish Text in mint, Lighthearted by Ayumi Takahashi (available here); Floral in cream and mint, Lighthearted by Ayumi Takahashi; Shibuya in Linen, Tokyo Train Ride by Sarah Watts and Irome in Winter, Color of the Seasons by Kokka (currently sold out but Spring is available here).

And then no prizes for guessing why I had to get this adorable Tickle Pink Cats, Hello Petal by Aneela Hoey print! Fussy cutting ahead!

More gorgeousness arrived from Pink Castle Fabrics, I had a hard time choosing which First of Infinity panel to get but chose the pastel because I love the soft colours - this print is so gorgeous I would happily have them all!

Top row: First of Infinity Book Panel

At Patchfinders we have a great selection of fabrics that are only £6 per metre so I snagged some of this pretty Stof print:

I've had that horrible stomach illness that all three of my kids had last week so this weekend so far as been exhausting but today I feel better and am ready for some serious sewing (and maybe some tidying up of that mess if I can be bothered... probably not!!).

I will be back to show you more progress on my green tea and sweet beans blocks, I finally have another quilt finish to show off and next weekend it's time for the DOTS le challenge finish, so a busy week ahead!

Le Challenge

If you have been working with dots and have a finish that has a 'dots' theme, join us next weekend and link up for a random chance to win a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!

Happy Sunday all!

Molli Sparkles


  1. Love every one of these new fabrics! I am so honored you picked out some LH prints! Can't wait to see your makes!
    I got stomach illness all around my family too. It feels so good to get over it, doesn't it!?

  2. I love that each cat has a name in that print - how adorable! I hope that you continue to feel better. Stomach bugs are no fun.

  3. It all looks quite normal to me!!

    And I just love your fabric choices, you have the eye that I would like but lack!

    I don't comment often but I am here keeping up with you.

    Happy machining xx

  4. Hi Lucy! So beautiful NEW Fabrics! Happy sewings! x Teje

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon and that fabric must surely help to make you feel better - beautiful choices. And your mess looks so much prettier than mine!

  6. Great new fabrics, can't wait to see what you have planned for them. I hope tidying is not too stressful, maybe there will be some treasure in there!

  7. I'm sorry the bug got you. Cute additions to your stash.

  8. I love the look of your sewing corner, my sewing machine lives in the hallway and everything else is in boxes in our bedroom. When I sew I have to collect everything that I think I need and set it up on the kitchen table. It take sages to get ready and put it all away afterwards, inevitably there are extra trips upstairs for things I have forgotten too.

  9. I have a similar "corner" It's in the spare bedroom but squeezed between a wall and a double bed (which doubles as my "storage". I share my sewing table with the computer too. My space is chaotic mostly because I'm a bit messy!

    Feel better, sweetie x

  10. oh lucy.... shop for me!! gorgeous. glad you are feeling better x

  11. Urgh, hope you're feeling better soon, although the new goodies hopefully helped :o)

  12. Things do just pile up don't they. Maybe a Dumping Table should be an official part of a sewing area. Lots of fun new fabrics!!

  13. I love your pin cushion. Would like more details about it.

    1. Thanks Karen! It was a gift from my friend Rachael, you can see it better in this blog post:

  14. Gorgeous fabrics you've added to your stash lately! Hope you are all back to good health!

  15. Hope you're completely over the tummy bug now!