Friday, 3 January 2014

done with Making Christmas

Here's a little round up of what I managed to make for Christmas...

- Christmas gifts for kid's school teachers - done! I did give the fox brooches but gave up trying to make any more.

- Christmas ornaments - done! I managed two

Quilt for one of my best friends Giant Chevron Quilt - done!

- yoga bag - done!

- custom quilt order - done! 

I haven't blogged about this one yet as it was a custom order for a friend to give as a Christmas present.

It is square patchwork of pretty prints and an embroidered label. Based on the Girly Garden quilt I made last year in 2012, so this is the 2.0 version. I love the little floral print binding, I will definitely be using more small scale florals in this way, it's a cute frame for the quilt.

- dresses for the girls - fail. Maybe this year?!


Thanks to Janine and Rebecca for hosting Making Christmas!

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  1. All lovely! I especially love the fox brooches! Get some cotton fabric and make the girls some pillowcase dresses for summer. They are easy to make and there are free tutorials on the net. The perfect foray into dressmaking!

  2. I still love that giant chevron quilt. great fabric choices :D

  3. yay - you got so much done :-) I love the foxes too - super cute, and a very pretty custom made quilt too. The floral binding does look great - might take up that idea!

  4. Those foxes are really cute, and congrats on all the finishes.

  5. Love the brooches and the Giant Chevron is gorgeous!

  6. You have been busy. There were some happy recipients this Christmas receiving these lovely gifts.
    Here's wishing you a healthy and happy New Year.

  7. Those fox brooches are so so so darling.