Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Windy Wednesday

I know I'm not the only one wondering where the days are disappearing to?! Every week seems to be flying by faster than the last.

Here's where I'm at this week...

3 zip pouches, with a couple more nearly done!

Dead Simple QAL, although I managed to finish piecing the back last night and I took some pictures today despite the wind!

It's also a bit sunny so there's some ACTUAL washing hanging up on the line too! I'm really glad I decided to throw a few prints in there too, it makes the back have a different feel from the front. It's all made up of leftovers and scraps, including some that were sent to me by the very kind Melinda over at Quirky Granola Girl.

Today I want to do my Blogger's Block of the month, the tutorial for this month can be found here. The challenge for me is to make it work with the ugly one I did last month (or redo it, but I'm loath to do that!)

No Progress:
- Do Not Compute quilt, oh will it ever end??!! (no it won't Lucy if you don't sew any of those blocks!)
- Secret quilt - nothing doing. useless.
- Drunkard's Path QAL, I did a bit of cutting but want to quilt the DSQAL first.

- two girly quilts for my nieces
- an oven glove

Completed: 3
New: 0
Currently in progress: 4

Did you know it's Wednesday?! I'm linking up to Freshly Pieced :)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Oh that fabric on first post is adorable! What is it?

  2. I love the scrappy edges to the quilt, I have just completed a full on scrappy quilt for my mother in law, but I can't post a picture of it as she reads my blog!

  3. The zip pouches are awesome, and I love your quilt back. I'm too lazy to do pieced backs most of them time!

  4. those are cute zipped pouches, aren't they fun and quick...instant gratification compared to the quilts :)!

  5. you just reminded me that i still need to do the blogger's block of the month! it slipped my mind!

    the pieced back on your quilt is great!

  6. Those pouches are adorable, Lucy!

  7. love those pouches! adorable :-) Great work on your quilt!

  8. Oh Lucy - how I love those zipper pouches! :-) I wish I had the patience to try zippers, but I used to make garments and always ended up with drawstrings pants because I can't stand zippers!

  9. Looking good, Lucy! I like how you talk to yourself in your posts!

  10. You are a busy bee, puts me to shame with all these unfinished projects I have. Love your dead simple quilt!