Sunday, 11 December 2016

shiny sunday stash

Like a magpie I can't resist nice sparkly fabrics and there's a fair bit in my latest haul from Simply Solids. I saw the new Luster by Zen Chic and had to get some!

They are even more gorgeous in real life and just look at these selvedges:

To add more shine I picked up some Essex Yarn Dyed Metallic in Sand, it's really pretty and quite subtle, though it does sparkle when it catches the light:

And then just because they are sweet I picked up a couple of Dashwood prints:

 top to bottom: Washi, Paper Meadow by Jilly P and Midnight Spot, Paper Meadow by Jilly P

This week I also bought a comic book. A really special one. My friend Robin Scott draws comic strips about his daily life and they've been published as a collection by Good Comics.

I inhaled it. Literally sat and absorbed it in one go. It is normal life, thoughtful and observant, and also amusing, familiar and comforting. His artwork blows me away and conveys so much just with a pen.

Get a copy of Every Life I Ever Lived for yourself (or as a gift!). My son is currently reading it and it's opened up a new world for him. Since he's used to action / superhero comics, now he is thinking about drawing in a different way, which I think is excellent.

A lot of crafts and drawing goes on in our house, here's Lois thoroughly concentrating. It's hard to see but she also made pen holder out of a juice bottle by covering it in feathers and lollipop sticks.

 And finally I finished this:

except that I didn't! I put the binding on my rose star quilt and all the time I kept looking at the back and the front and thinking I should have quilted the hexagon shape around the central hexagons in the 'roses'. 

I can't not do it because I think I would regret it. As nice as it would be to finish it now it wouldn't sit right with me.

So you'll have to wait a little longer for the final finish as I'm adding more hand quilting!

Molli Sparkles


  1. What a beautiful hexie quilt..and hand stitched to boot. It's wonderful. I'm not much of a shiny woman myself but I see the appeal of these. The grid patterns are very nice.

  2. You won't regret adding more quilting... Can you ever have too much hand quilting? Ah, no! I look forward to its complete and wonderful reveal...soon!

  3. Those selvedges have a spark of inspiration.

  4. Those are gorgeous fabrics. Will you be able to cut them up? The expression on Lois' face is so picture-perfect. Love the hexie quilt.

  5. Beautiful score on the fabrics! Wow! That Essex linen--!! You've captured it so well; I always have trouble getting the sparkly thread I like to use to show its shine. Love the quilt, and adding handquilting, mmm! That comic book-wow, love how the cat comes out of the frame.

  6. I think I would buy that fabric just for those selvedges! So nice. Your hexie project is wonderful.

  7. Your quilt is looking amazing, it's going to look even more beautiful when you're finished. And I love those metalis fabrics, a great haul ✨

  8. I'm sure your house is a hive of craft activity at this time of year . I so love your rose quilt , - it's a real treasure