Thursday, 6 August 2015

rant and hilarity {oh and a discount code!}

It has been one of those days but the kids have really been making me laugh today. I need it because I am still full of cold and little things have been really annoying me. 

Like this washing liquid measuring cup:

I know they do it so you will use more product and have to buy more (annoying!!) but this picture shows the right dosage for my wash. It's so little! Even the grubbiest clothes in hard water areas need only 90ml according to the label. I can't imagine how many people just fill it up and waste product. I use Fairy Non-Bio liquid because it is the only thing that doesn't irritate my kids skin. When money has been really tight I have switched to cheaper options, or whatever is the best deal, but then they get itchy rashes and it's just not worth it. Have you checked how much you are supposed to use in your wash? I would, don't rely on those lying cups!!
Wish they could make the measurements on the cup more obvious and encourage people to use less. I mean their washing up liquid adverts are built on the idea of how long it lasts so they could do the same with this!!

That aside we have been hanging out around the house. My kids love Scooby Doo, I think it's that thrill of being scared but accompanied by really light hearted fun music that does it! I asked them which characters they would be...

Fred obviously has to be Fred, Joan said she is Velma (I feel so proud!!) and Lois, well I would have sworn she would say Daphne because she is the girliest little thing but no, she said Shaggy! For a two year old she is so funny and I know she likes him the best because he makes her laugh.

We have also been reading a lot, thank goodness for the local library and their summer reading challenges! Joan is coming on brilliantly and is thrilled to now be reading books with little words (as she calls them!). She has made herself a bookmark so she can keep place in the paperbacks. Lois mimics reading and it is adorable! She puts her fingers under the words and just makes them up. Fred has always read brilliantly and got a bit upset that I wouldn't let him take three encyclopedias home from the library - I explained he was meant to actually read the whole book for the challenge and we settled on one encyclopedia, one non fiction book about volcanoes and a regular fiction book. I also said he could borrow the other two when he has completed his challenge!

Since I've finished my class samples I have gone back to hand quilting this beautiful vintage quilt, a commission from a friend that was made by two generations of her in-laws. It really is so beautiful and I can't help but fall in love with so many of the gorgeous prints. Some of the dress making fabric is very hard to quilt through but it is a labour of love:

Have you seen the awesome collaboration between Pink Castle Fabrics and Samarra Khaja? The first in a series of SK designed t-shirts is now available for pre-order. Of course I had to get one!

Finally another fabric treat, Black Sheep Wools are offering 15% off all Joel Dewberry fabric until 9am BST 10/8/15. Use the code JOEL15 at checkout.

It's nearly the weekend, hurray!

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  1. You are right, the fabrics are so beautiful!!

  2. My kids love Scooby too! We rent the old cartoons all the time on Netflix - the ones from the '70s are the best! And did you know that Lego just a few days ago released a line of Scooby sets? We indulged and got our kids the Mystery Machine set. They loooooooove! Even my littlest! xo

  3. I SO wanted to be Shaggy when I was a kid too! He was so funny AND fun! I can just picture your little Lois pretending to read, just like her older brother and sister! So cute!

  4. Oh your rant on the liquid cup did make me laugh. Because I too hate that cap. I threw mine away and now only use the Persil caps which work much better. By the way have you tried the non bio from Ald?

  5. OMG that liquid cup - I need to recheck the label again... I had that conversation with my Dad as well - who is a chemist working on that sort of thing - and he said that it did not matter how efficient the product, people perceived that they needed to put loads to feel clean... The cup probably plays on that perception

  6. Great randomness, as usual. Our son loved Scooby Doo too. I think I have some actual records (which seem to be making a comeback, by the way) so we have toyed with the idea of getting a record player. And what a beautiful quilt you are working on!

    1. Thank you! I think that is worth getting a record player for :)

  7. I love that Lois would be Shaggy! That really works for me, too!

  8. I use persil non bio for us, sensitive skins here but as the boys got older fairy didn't get the dirt out enough, I have never measured the cups though. I could have been a millionaire maybe if I hadn't spent all my money on washing liquid. All joking apart, how did it get so expensive?

  9. That t shirt is so funny! But I'm actually not down with epp so I shouldn't wear it. Kudos to your kids for being such good readers!!!!

  10. Ooh, I know why the cup is so big - it's so you can dilute the liquid with water before you pour it over your clothes. I'm sure that's it! Boom!