< this is not a sponsored post, I asked if I could share a discount code with you all because I am loving these products and Inner Me kindly agreed! >

This year 'enthusiasm' is my word of the year and to approach anything with enthusiasm you need energy. With a busy life, 3 kids, a part time job and so much sewing to do, my world is hectic. So often I am taking care of the family and forget myself. 

When I saw The Homemakery had teamed up with Inner Me for a promotion I decided to check out their products. I have taken supplements in the past but have been unsure about what are the right ones, what combinations to take, and then would eventually let it slide and forget to take them. When I saw the Daily 4 - tailored supplements for your age group that come in handy labelled strips - I knew they were a great solution.

I took out a monthly subscription to the Daily 4 30+, you don't pay postage on a subscription and you can cancel any time, but you can also order an individual box if you prefer. A month seemed like a long enough time to notice if there were any differences, if not then I could cancel my subscription. Honestly I'm not sure how long it took to feel a change but I didn't cancel and don't plan to.

It's been gradual but I definitely have more energy, I don't get that afternoon slump that I usually would and instead have a steady endurance. It's not like a caffeine hit but a regular level of energy that lets me get things accomplished. Maybe it's because I feel like I can do more in the day, but a benefit I wasn't expecting is that I find it easier to fall asleep at night. My whole life has been plagued by not being able to get to sleep, let's be real I will probably always be a bit of a night owl and hate mornings, but I don't struggle with sleep in the same way. It's made a big difference. 

The strips are so convenient, it really helps having the day printed on the strip and it would be perfect if you travel. The four vitamins vary according to your age range, targeted around particular needs - you can read all about each supplement and what it provides on the Inner Me website. I also love that they are UK based, made in the UK and the ingredients are sustainably sourced.

As well as health supplements they also offer other products to enhance well-being. I fancy trying these powders that you can add to food or smoothies and epsom bath salts are amazing.

Thanks to Inner Me you can shop and get a 20% discount with the code Charm20 - no minimum spend, just a chance to take care of yourself!

Enjoy :)