Friday, 10 June 2016

Sew Stitchy Pie needle case

My Auntie is currently taking her City and Guilds in Patchwork and Quilting so I thought a Stitchy Pie needle case would make a perfect present to help keep her needles organised.

I sat out in the garden and added some little bits of embroidery to the fabric:

The outer print and the binding are both Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey, which I bought from Pin It and Stitch.

I added a cute heart Kam snap and a row of hand quilting using Aurifil 12 weight thread #2277.

My Auntie has space above the needles to write on what the needles are for or the size. I organise mine by use but she may prefer something different so I left it blank.

And it folds up neatly so she can easily take it along to her classes! This gift was on my Finish-A-Long list so I can check it off and send it out  ✓

It is so exciting to see people using my pattern and there are some super versions I would like to share with you...

Sarah Fielke made a gorgeous, rainbow dresden Stitchy Pie. The dots, gingham and button fabric are a winning combination!

Mrs Moog has made a couple, very different from each other but equally striking! One with cool Graffiti quilting, the other has perfect pops of pink and hand stitching:

Next some bright and really beautiful embroidery on this fancy version by nachtpedalquilts

Last but certainly not least, we have a lot more from roundrabbit. Nancy made a lovely stack of Stitchy Pies and has them for sale in the Round Rabbit shop - along with other handmade goods, including beautiful glazed buttons! 

If you would like to make your own original Stitchy Pie click here to get the pattern!

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  1. Lucky Auntie!! I still have some of this fabric which I carefully hoard until I can bear to use it all. x

  2. charmed I'm sure! What a terrific blog! I like this needle book so much and your style of pictures and writing! I'm glad you visited my blog, left a comment so I could find you! I'll be back, but now am going for a little walkaround on your blog, LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. What a fun post. Thanks for sharing photos of what other people are making with your oh-so-cute pattern!

  4. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I can use one myself, and chances are a few friends will be asking for one. They look great!

  5. Lovely Stitchy Pies! The one by Nachtpedals it really beautiful!

  6. These are lovely! Thank you so much for sharing everyone's. I love seeing the variety of the finished projects. Thanks for linking up with me for TGIFF!

  7. I didn't know it until reading this post BUT I need one of these!!! Congratulations on your finish! Thanks for participating in the 2016 FAL on behalf of the global hosts :)