Tuesday, 16 February 2016

as she wanted ~ Cat, Joy and Grandmother

Who would have thought a quilt block would give me the confidence to blog about my anxiety?! It did, here's the spark and a couple of other blocks for the Farmer's Wife 1930's Sew-along...

#22 Cat It's just what the future holds for me. I know I will be Glad-after-all but it was heart wrenching working on this block. I used pink for my littlest girl, the Ruffled print reminds me of eyelashes (and wiping away tears!) and the tape measures are for the sewing I hope to do once she's at school. This block was English Paper Pieced.

#47 Joy I went back to hand piecing for this one. I had no fabric with plums on so I used blueberries. I picked the small pink dots because they are joyous to me so symbolises the way seeing a friend "revives my spirit" and the brown is for the coffee drinking!

#40 Grandmother This one is also hand pieced. I like this really modern looking basket! I used the houses to represent the building done by the "sons and sons-in-law" and the fussy cut Zephyr prints are for the Grandmother's pastimes, "she can sleep late; knit or read as she likes; cook some of the old-fashioned dishes".

I'm really doing these out of order now, just picking the ones I want to do and not stressing about getting them all done. I am loving the process and hope you are enjoying seeing the blocks, I will try to take a picture of them all so far when I get a chance. It's half term here this week so the kids are all at home (causing chaos). Today is our 9th wedding anniversary so my husband and I are off out to the cinema tonight. Deadpool and popcorn sounds perfect to me!

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  1. Beautiful blocks! Your hand piecing is really gorgeous, where are the stitches?! I'm just catching up a little, too - I understand a bit about the kids growing sadness. I'm in emotional turmoil today, my baby got her first period this morning. *blinks* Surely she's still running about in pink dungarees with a sooky blanket in one hand and a Teletubbie in the other...

  2. Beautiful blocks Lucy, you put so much into your fabric choices.x

  3. Gorgeous blocks and happy anniversary!

  4. Superb blocks Lucy, picking and choosing sounds like the best way to go. Hope you had a lovely evening out.

  5. Love the Cat block. It looks like kissing fish!

  6. Beautiful blocks - I loved reading about your fabric choices. Happy anniversary to you and hubby! Hope you had a fabulous evening!