Wednesday, 11 March 2015

enjoy every moment

I was thinking about what I've been sewing this week and didn't feel it was much but actually I've been so engrossed in my current project I nearly overlooked it! I did some English Paper Piecing, some appliqué, machine and hand quilting for this months le challenge project... all will be revealed this weekend when the link opens - we always have a giveaway so you should check it out!

I am currently finishing it up by hand sewing down the binding:

I did a little work on my green tea and sweet beans quilt too. I hate making bias strips and can never get them as thin as I would like so I got a smaller bias tape maker and used fusible web with it (after a colleague recommended it). Well my first attempt was a shocking mess, it nearly all went in the bin! After a couple of days I tried again and I'm not sure how but it just worked so well. Maybe I was in a bad mood or too tired the first time?!

I love the result, although I have now pinned them as well; I tend to chuck my sewing around a lot so better to be safe - it did fuse well so you wouldn't need to pin. This is just what I was hoping for and it is SO easy to work with, the strips are totally flat and even. If you hate making bias strips I would recommend giving it a try! This is the beginning of my second appliqué flowers block:

A little sponsor news...

The Fat Quarter Shop are currently having a great promotion (I would spend $100 just on buying more of that beautiful background fabric above - it's Whisper Firefly, Hello Bear by Bonnie Christine if you fancy it!):

And Pink Castle Fabrics are Spring cleaning and having a Super Sale, with loads of gorgeous deals to be had!

Hope you're having a great week and enjoying every moment too :)

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  1. your projects look so beautiful. And thanks for this handy bias strips tip.

  2. The bias tape looks great; how odd that sometimes the stars align on a second (or fifth) try! :)

  3. Glad the stems worked out! I can't wait to see what people link up!

  4. What fabulous bias tape that little gadget makes!!! I should look for this locally! It would make the applique of stems so much more precise! Maybe that would kick start my return to applique!?

  5. I hate making bias strips too, I'll add that to my wishlist, I always thought they were a little pricy (and the refill webbing stuff) but sometimes it's got to be worth it! You can also buy premade fusible bias too but it's expensive as well...

  6. Your bias tape looks great! I like the bars but haven't yet taken the plunge and bought a set so might get a tape maker instead...

  7. looking forward to seeing your challenge this month. I tried bias making once, never again!

  8. You may know about these but I have started using presser bars (made by Collins) for making stems. So much easier than bias tape.

    1. I had to google what they are but they look fabulous! I will have to give them a try, thanks for telling me about them :)