Friday, 31 January 2014

custom reward chart (or how to help your child to behave!)

 I finished a commission of a personalised reward chart for a friend whose daughter has been waking up in the night:

I used lots of pretty girly fabrics, appliqued her name and made some felt stars with a pocket to keep them safe:

It is backed with home dec fabric and corners with a dowling rod to easily hang it up:

The feedback has been wonderful, her daughter has been asking to go to bed early and if she's up in the night to use the toilet she heads straight back to her own bed so that she can "get a pretty star"! This is the start of good sleeping habits and I know how much kids love things with their names on. 

The chart can be used for any type of praise you want to give your child and since I made one for our children I can really vouch for the effectiveness. We starting using it in November 2012 and they still love being rewarded and sticking the badges on the chart, the novelty hasn't worn off!

Another check off my FAL list :)

Custom reward charts are now available in my Etsy shop.

In other news head over to le challenge for a special guest post by Alyce about the Tokyo Great International Quilt Featival and inspiration for the Rising Sun theme.

Le Challenge

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Blue Hawaii

The colours and prints in this rose star remind me of this:


This week my eldest daughter has been behaving like the little girl who had a little curl and she said the funniest and sweetest thing the other day. She said, "I know everything in the whole wide world but I don't know how to spell long numbers because I'm not five yet. I do know how to love mummy." Well surely loving me is the most important thing she needs to know!

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

rekindled love

I've returned to my EPP rose stars with a renewed passion

two done and one ready to sew

Le Challenge

I'm thinking I need to make a start on my le challenge project ready for February 15th.

Remember the theme can be interpreted any way you like but if you're looking for some Japanese fabric for the Rising Sun challenge then head over to Pink Castle Fabrics where Japanese fabric is 30% off this week with code:


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Monday, 27 January 2014

lush fabric and a draught excluder

More beautiful fabric arrived last week and I've just got round to taking pics so I can show you.

First up I got some more pretties to add to my Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt - yeah I've not started yet but at least I've got more than enough fabric ;)

These are all from Simply Sweet Fabric:

Feedsack III by Sara Morgan FQ bundle and Aloe Flower, Grandma's Garden by Darlene Zimmerman

Camellia Flower, Grandma's Garden by Darlene Zimmerman; Sasparilla Check in Teal, October Afternoon by Riley Blake; Little Pink Dot, Sweet Shoppe by Michele D'Amore and Bella Solids in Gray (love this colour - excuse the shadow in the picture it really is the perfect soft gray)

Then I got to spend my voucher at the wonderful Village Haberdashery and picked up more beautiful prints:

Domino Dot in Geranium and Navy, Waterfront Park by Violet Craft; Textured Stripe in Malachite, Florence by Denyse Schmidt; Vintage Floral in Red, Urban Classics by Nancy Mahoney

I'm even really sure why but I am so in love with the vintage floral print, it's a great scale and such brilliant colours. Some fabrics just totally draw you in and this is one of them. I think these 'modern' prints will work really well combined with the repro fabrics and make it more interesting.

I've actually managed some sewing too and got the custom draught excluder finished. I used this great pattern by Martha Stewart and that's the first check off my FAL list. It looks kind of weird in the late night flash photograph but it's much prettier in real life and less lumpy looking!! Plus I tested it and it does it's job!

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yes I'm a day late but I had a great weekend so forgive me!

Friday, 24 January 2014

fools rush in

I had some fun with applique and made these two Kawaii fox cushions - with a pocket for treasures or the tooth fairy. I sketched out a little fox design and split it down into the necessary applique pieces, then got to stitching...

This one I just went fmq mad, I did some outline stitching and then completely embroidered the eyes and nose by stitching round and round and all messy, it was very enjoyable!

The next one I used zig zag applique for a softer, totally different look. I hand embroidered the eyes, mouth and some decorative grass and clouds. I added a sweet button nose.

I made them towards the end of last year and submitted them to a magazine competition but I didn't win. I did feel foolish for a little while (no acknowledgement, no feedback) but actually I am really pleased with them and had fun using different techniques. I'm hoping that a lovely buyer on my Etsy shop will agree they are pretty special and give them a happy home.

Then last week I had a true reason to feel foolish when I rushed in to make a start on a needle turn applique block for the butterfly quilt. I felt quite confident and it wasn't going too badly, until I had this and I couldn't get past thinking I was doing something wrong...

Yes because the flowers are supposed to be in the corners - I'm doing a variation of the one below. I had traced it all wrong and have now started over, at least I had a little practice before starting the 'real' block!

Indiana Rose Quilt Block by Carrie Hall

Finally after showing you my Polar Bear Block the other day I kept getting that nagging 'you haven't pre-washed your red fabrics' feeling and because a few of you commented about it I threw my pile of red fabrics for the QAL in the wash. After all this is red and WHITE. I don't normally pre-wash at all but the last thing I want is to ruin a quilt when it's done and that little bit of preparation really didn't take much time. Thanks to Linda for our little email conversation and I will be soaking this block just to be sure too. I'm going to make this one as foolproof as I can!

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

I could happily live in Portland

My week started with a lovely thoughtful card from a very dear high school friend

Then cupcakes were in order...

because my baby girl turned one!

I decided to write some little memories of her at this stage because I'm not great at filling in those baby books.

And she brewed us all some tea:

This week I've cut all my S is for Stitchembroidery blocks and cut some Kona jelly roll strips to start piecing them together

and it just so happens to coordinate perfectly with the backing fabric I'd picked out, if I have enough I may well use this for binding too

This week I also took a little quiz and discovered I should be living in Portland:

Go and see what city you should actually live in and come back and let me know!

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Red and white

I have a stash of red fabric that I had been collecting for a different pattern but since that's got pushed down the list I decided to break it out for the Classic Meets Modern QAL. I also had some of the lovely Lakehouse dots left over from my S is for Stitch quilt blocks so I decided to use that for the background.

I remember Janine mentioning about making a red and white quilt and I loved the idea of using that classic colour combination for a sampler quilt.

So here's my first block the Polar Bear Paw:

The red fabrics are: centre - Voltage Dot in red, Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt; main paw - Charles in rich red blue, Bloomsbury by Liberty Lifestyle;  claws - Scrolling Ditzy in orange, Daisy Mae by Denyse Schmidt (this is possibly my favourite print ever... or one of them!).

Looking forward to seeing what February has in store!

Head over to Erin's if you'd like to join in:

Sew at Home Mummy

Sunday, 19 January 2014

delightful haberdashers

I enjoy shopping online; the ease, the ability to order from the comfort of my sofa and the hours I can spend browsing beautiful fabrics and haberdashery. I like finding interesting and independent shops. Most importantly I like quality products and great service, which you will always find with my sponsors. I will also share other shops (not sponsored) that I like and would recommend. 

Recently I found the haberdashery while searching for some Sashiko thread. It is a shop full of beautiful products from Japan, including beautiful Nani Iro fabrics and other haberdashery from the Netherlands and Australia. They kindly sent a sample of some of their products when I ordered white Sashiko thread. For a special touch and excellent customer service check out the haberdashery.

I will be trying some Sashiko for the first time (something I keep wanting to do) and I'm hoping with the help of The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook: Patterns, Projects and Inspirations I will be able to attempt a quilt. I can practice some patterns and that could be turned into a nice project for this month's theme 'The Rising Sun' at le challenge

Another favourite and familiar shop is The Village Haberdashery. Annie always stocks beautiful fabrics as well as a huge range of haberdashery for a range of different crafts. I had a little spare birthday money and a birthday voucher so I got some Kona white because that's always useful and then found this incredible stash builder: Square Dot in Grey, Urban Classics by Nancy Mahoney. I hadn't seen this line before but what a great pattern and I will use it in lots of projects.

I have a stash of 30s reproduction fabrics I'm collecting for the the Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt that I will be starting at some point. I decided using just those fabrics was too 'put together' and I wanted to throw some other fabrics in that had a similar vibe but in different colours. I chose Cracking Codes in Jade, Dowry by Anna Maria Horner, Lincoln Log in Malachite, Florence by Denyse Schmidt and Scattered Floral in Lime, Urban Classics by Nancy Mahoney.

I love the lines and details of this print, Urban Classics has some gorgeous prints and since I won a Customer Advisory Board survey voucher I went ahead and ordered more fabric from Annie yesterday! Share those with you soon. The Village Haberdashery has a fab sale section and this weekend all red fabrics are 10% off with no voucher needed, so hurry (good excuse to get this!).

This week my mum gave me a huge bag of vintage (?) tapestry wool. I picked out these colours for a project I'd like to do at some point (maybe when I've finished some of my FAL list!). I love the Penelope labels.

Finally I bought some ridiculous cheap cotton thread off Ebay (just search cotton thread pack and I'm sure similar will show up). I need a variety of colours for my applique and as much as I love Aurifil, there's no way I could vaguely afford a big selection. I'm hoping these are going to be ok quality or at least suffice!

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