Thursday, 28 February 2013

if you go down to the woods...

you might see creatures like these:

Ok not likely here in Manchester but I once lived in Boulder, CO and there was lots of lovely wildlife there! Probably partly why this Monthly Woodland Sampler appeals to me so much, plus they are so very cute.

I caved already and outlined the pale 'January' with a dark brown. I'm much happier about it now.

I'm so looking forward to doing one of these a month and it's exciting waiting to see the new patterns.

Already I'm thinking that individually they would be so great as birthday gifts, you could stitch the birthday month of the recipient and make it into a cute little cushion or hanging.
That would require some fabric wouldn't it?! And these gorgeous ones I spotted would work so perfectly!

Woodland Adventure by Camelot Design Studio, Woodland Pals by Ann Kelle, 
collections available at the Fat Quarter Shop

Recently my auntie came for a visit and gave me these copies of The Quilter magazine. I'm looking forward to putting my feet up and having a read of them when I get a chance. I will let you know if they contain any gems.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

heads up

I have begun blanket stitching the blanket - it's going well and much faster than I thought (always good!)

Despite generally working on a few hand sewing projects (rose stars, cross stitch and some embroidery) I did get a chance to work on some Bee blocks.

These are for Carol in the Simply Solids Bee, she supplied the fabric and they were super easy, fun blocks to do.

This one is scrappy for Helen in Scrappy? Sew Bee It. Seeing all the bright blocks the other members have made I think this is going to be a stunning quilt!

The 'heads up' is a couple of cool internet things going on...

Christa is having a quilt-along for her gorgeous 'Hugs 'n Kisses' quilt. You can get all the info on her blog and there are great giveaways every week!

quilt design by Christa
Quilt kits are available at ChristaQuilts and the pattern is very jelly roll friendly.

If you like embroidery you should also check out the Sublime Stitching website - they have a brilliant new free pattern! Very 'boy friendly' too.

So above and beyond the sewing I have been spending a lot of time nourishing this little one... except she's not so little and at only 5 weeks old she nearly doesn't fit on the change mat!!

I also got some great shots of her in the embroidered outfit, add your own captions ;)


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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

a start

Thanks to all of you who made suggestions about how to attach fabric to the crochet blanket my Nan made (and thanks to everyone that couldn't help but left nice comments anyway!). I had a go at machining it and let's just say it didn't work out. The blanket's tension isn't great and it was just too hard to control (add in that I didn't baste it very well in the first place). Since it is kind of stretchy I'm just going to blanket stitch around the edges and tie some of the corners of the grannies once I'm done. I'm going for a home made look with this one I think! Should it fall apart or need more work I will just do that as and when.


Friday, 22 February 2013

help me, what month is it?

Actually I do know it's February and it's my husband's birthday today... Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

To confuse things though I have finished 'January' from my Woodland Sampler...

I added an extra eyelash to the deer because she looked a bit angry!

I got a pack of thread but some were substitutes and the letters look very pale on the aida, I may backstitch round them or something when it's all done if I still don't think it stands out enough. I am loving doing it and have made a start on Februrary.

Here's the bit where I ask for you help...

My Nanny made this granny blanket for Lois - me and the other two kids each have one of our own as well. It is very pretty and my Nan put the red and green one in as a rose for Lois :)

She has pointed out that her work isn't as perfect as normal, well she's 94 and I think she's amazing to have even made it. She has said I should put some fabric to back it so that it stands up to little one. I'm thinking of using this thin (sort of muslin?) fabric so the blanket isn't too warm.

So my question is how do I do it?? I'm thinking hem the sides of the fabric and then maybe tie the squares onto the fabric at the corners of each granny and stitch round the edges. I'm pretty certain I can't put it anywhere near the sewing machine and so I'll have to hand do it. Any suggestions? Anyone done anything like this before? HELP please :)

oh and I don't get lots of time so I need something relatively easy and quick!

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

keeping organised

This is such a clever idea! Not mine at all but my genius friend Rebecca's. I originally saw this idea on her blog. Since Lois is a month old today and it's my husband's birthday tomorrow, it was time to take the cards down. I love the idea of keeping them all together in a little book that she can look at when she's older and it's a lovely keepsake - thanks for sharing Rebecca!

I've also washed the kids bedding today and couldn't help but think wouldn't this be the cutest quilt backing?! It was actually mine as a child and I still smile every time I look at it!

Today I also discovered that the best way of clearing up a table that has been covered in glitter is to break out the playdough and roll it around to make glittery playdough... what could have been a big clear up job turned into another game. Win!

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

half term / while Lois was sleeping

in between getting snacks, cleaning, cooking 
and everything else that goes with having three under 5s in the house!

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Blogger's BOM quilt with a little help from my friends

This afternoon I finished hand sewing the binding on the Blogger's BOM quilt, which I will be giving to my sister-in-law as a very late Christmas present! My first finished quilt of 2013.

The sun came out briefly and I managed to get some pictures...

I am really happy with it now it's finished. I had a hard time liking some of the blocks and had no clue how to layout the final quilt. 

Originally I was going to do a more traditional layout with sashing. I knew I wanted to put some orange in it because that's her favourite colour but I wasn't sure what would work with the grey/pink/greens of the quilt. 

I called on a friend for help! Cindy is fantastic and her shop Fluffy Sheep Quilting offers swatches of fabric so you can actually see the designs and colours for real. She sent me a few strips of different Kona orange shades. That's when I realised it would be too much and wasn't what the quilt needed.

Instead I chose to use big pieces of the fabrics I used in the quilt to make a patchwork. I ended up picking Kona Orange for the binding and Kona Ash for the borders. I used 40wt Aurifil 1104 for the quilting - which Cindy very kindly matched with the Kona Orange perfectly for me!

Huge thank you to Cindy for her outstanding service and I strongly recommend visiting the shop, Fluffy Sheep Quilting. I credit her with how much I now love this quilt.

The orange quilting is the perfect touch and brings the quilt together. I love the modern overall feel it gives too. The quilt is backed in a purple 'jewels' fabric by Lizzy House and measures 54 x 54".

I also recommend checking out Susan's tips in this post for straight line quilting - mine is much improved! Thanks Susan :)

If you want to find out about the patchwork blocks or make your own quilt - click the button below to get all the tutorials:

Canton Village Quilt Works

This is the first finish from my FAL list and even if it's the only one I'm happy!

she can quilt

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

proceed with caution!

This post is full of adorable baby cuteness, love and mushiness!!

I never intended to put so many baby pictures up but I had to share these ones because I finally captured Lois's gorgeous smile. Lois is a cutie and melts my heart, since today is all about love I hope these make you smile too...

yes I rock this hair!

mum I am definitely too big for this moses basket now!

Not only is it Valentine's day but my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary on Saturday too.  We have been married for six years, this anniversary is sugar according to UK tradition so I will be baking this weekend! I really wouldn't be who I am right now without him and his amazing support. I am utterly in love and still can't help smiling and feeling all gooey when I even think about him, and when he kisses me forget it!! I love you so much Mark, thank you for being so incredible. I appreciate everything you do for me and our family.

On Monday (he was a bit eager!) I got these:

A spectacular bunch of flowers in my favourite colour!

He ordered them from our friend who runs a local florist. If you are in the UK you must visit her website The Flower Lounge and see the beautiful bouquets. She even has reminders you can set up to send flowers on important dates, so if anyone forgot valentines (or any other important date) pass on the link to the site!!

Hope you all have a LOVEly day and, as well as cards, get lots of hugs!

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