Sunday, 1 September 2013

four makes and two winners

Unsurprisingly August was not the most productive month. Three little ones around the house meant not many finishes. 

We did manage to make kites, you can find the tutorial at Lily's Quilts. I turned a pair of my sons jeans into shorts with cute binding, the tutorial is here. I made a little bird quilt - available in my Etsy shop. Finally I turned some dubious curtain fabric into a cute top (btw it has washed well and I've worn it a couple of times!).

Now onto the moment you've all been waiting for... no not the winner of my MEGA giveaway - that's still open until 4th September (don't miss it!)... but here are the winners of my Fugly fabric and unwanted projects:

The Fugly socks will be going to:

The projects will be going to:

Congratulations Commiserations ladies ;)

I'm sending you emails.

Here's to a productive September!

Lily's Quilts


  1. Ha, I always hate fugly swap days, it's the day you live in fear of commenting ;o)

    Love the August makes though!

  2. Ah, it's not about the quantity but the quality Lucy! And quality time with the little ones cannot be beaten! Thanks for pulling out my number! The socks will be worn with pride!

  3. Some months are like that! It's good or you would get finish overload. And we couldn't have that! :-)

  4. such a cute little bird quilt :-) And I think organising the fugly party should go on your list of acheivements this month - I appreciated it :-)

  5. You can't always be an over achiever!
    I too am looking forward to a bit more time to sew this month!

  6. I wish I had spent more days just being with my son when he was little, instead of working. Enjoy it all x

  7. really, that's "all" you did? it seems like so much more was going on the blog. this has to be the only "finishes" you had. i'd be happy to claim 4 such great projects all in one month!

    i'm sure the time was spent with you darling family instead, as was right!

  8. The top is just fab. Beautiful pictures of you in the top; the updo with the tattoo... love it!

  9. Ha! You make me giggle :)
    I love you little yellow bird. He's something to be proud of this past month...the little cutie :)

  10. Your kite is fab and the top, quilt and shorts are all lovely makes :)