Friday, 2 August 2013

tweet tweet

A cute birdy quilt finish this week.

Simple patchwork and straight line quilting.

Machine appliqued feathery friend, inspired by the Kokka backing fabric (that I totally love!)

You can buy it here!

Another bird flew in when my mum asked me to 'adjust' her t-shirt.
She wanted the Clothes Show bit covered up...

I opted to use some of a scrap of pretty fabric that someone (who?? I can't remember?!) gave me along with a bee block I think. It fits in well with the Live! Another bit of machine applique and mum is happy!

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  1. Nice cover up, Lucy! And a very sweet burst quilt. That backing is awesome. :)

  2. Sweet baby quilt and inspired cover up on the t-shirt.

  3. Nice diverse selection of makes there!

  4. That was a really creative way to remake the t-shirt. Your quilt is gorgeous.

  5. You really brought that tshirt aLive with your appliqué makeover. Very cute bird quilt!!

  6. Lovely and I like the fix on your mum's t-shirt!

  7. Adjusting the t-shirt, I have never thought of it that way. It is a lovely change and the quilt is lovely too.

  8. Your baby quilt is very sweet and great job on the T-shirt

  9. Wow, how smart of you to tie the front in with the back!
    Your quilt is adorable!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  10. Lovely summery quilt! I browsed your tutorials last night, and came across the threading one. I probably shouldn't have been attempting my first DIY eyebrow job at midnight, but actually in the cold light of day this morning they weren't half bad! Thank you!!

  11. Oh, I love your new quilt!