Thursday, 2 May 2013

That's alright

Today I am mostly wondering why baby sick never makes it onto the cloth I put on my shoulder for that purpose and also why I wear black clothes when I know it's going to end up covered in said sick.
Today I am also enjoying this marvelous tune:

here is the link to the video

**edited to add, I just heard the news. I used to wear my clothes backwards. RIP Mac Daddy**

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  1. Ick! Poor you. Poor little one. Hope all is well soon.

  2. I always remember my first day at work after having first baby...she threw up on my blouse just as I was getting in the car - sod's law.

  3. Jump is such an iconic song - it instantly puts you back to a different time - certainly in my life.

  4. My cousin was saying the same thing of her youngest at the funeral last week - she'd even dyed him some black muslins!

  5. As all mother's know, baby sick does not conform to any known laws of physics. Loved the Laura Mvala song

  6. Baby MiH likes to be sick n his dad's trousers... Always well placed... Nice!