Thursday, 31 January 2013

new kicks

This is really random...

I am so so so thrilled to have some new trainers ('sneakers' for my US pals)! It's been about four years since I've had a new pair and I am in love with them. I will be doing lots of walking, with the school and playgroup runs so comfort is key. Plus they just look good :)

The rest of the time is filled with this:

Happy domestic days!

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

baby brain

It is all consuming, I have no room left in my brain for anything else!! I guess nature quite rightly makes it that way :)

I haven't really been working on much - occasionally in the evenings I've been English paper piecing together more of my rose stars. It is slow work and it is getting difficult to work on. My plan is to put bits together until they are so big it is awkward to work on and then put those bigger bits together - does that even make sense?? If anyone who has paper pieced has any tips or suggestions on piecing the top together please let me know!

I also plan to embellish some baby grows to make them more girly or just a bit more interesting - I'm not sure what I'm going to do but it'd be nice to make some cute things.

I can't help myself but admire all the gorgeous baby and kids fabrics out there and here's some I've had my eye on from my sponsors:

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fluffy Sheep winner!

I've hardly had a minute all day, the little one seemed very excited about our trip to playgroup this morning and hasn't really slept until now - it was great seeing her big sister running about with her friend though :)

So onto the winner of the 20 euro gift certificate to Fluffy Sheep Quilting...

who was...

Thank you Samantha! Congratulations to you too and I've sent you an email!

Be sure to check out Fluffy Sheep Quilting - Cindy stocks a great range of modern fabrics, solids, precuts and my favourite threads!

Now back to nappy duty for me :)


Monday, 28 January 2013

a little more Abel

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When my sister and I were younger my mum commissioned a lady to make us some decorative plates that have all our birth details on them. It got me thinking it would be nice to have something I'd made with a record of my kids birth details... so I added them to my Abel stitching (pattern by Follow The White Bunny):

I really love it! So now I have to do two more other patterns :) That is perfect because it will keep me busy during all this newborn napping.

I also managed to do this tiny cross stitch kit that Jan gave me - thanks again hun! It was good practice because I have a few more cross stitch projects I want to do and I'd never done any before. I made a few mistakes but you wouldn't know if you didn't see the picture of how it is supposed to look (so I won't show you!!). This is a head start for next Christmas!

Obviously we are basking in baby gorgeousness and have had a few visitors come to meet Lois. My incredibly talented friend made her (well not her obviously, Lois can't eat!!) this amazing cake! It has nearly all been devoured and it tasted as good as it looks! She was so thoughtful to include little individual ones for the kids too... they loved that:

My other fabulous friends Rachel and her daughter Cayt sent this adorable fleece dress! I absolutely love penguins and this will keep her snuggly on our cold adventures into the real world! Thank you my dear friends :) Rachel will have to do a little dress making course with me once we are settled in a routine.

We took Lois to be registered this morning so, as my husband put it, she's now in the system! All official like! And here's the cutie:


Friday, 25 January 2013

Abel to stitch

I was going to start by apologising for the hoop creases on this piece but since I've just had a baby I'm not apologising - just imagine it without them for now ;)

I had bought this pattern to do leisurely once the baby was born but before you think I'm superwoman I will tell you I was working on it while I had all that waiting time (11 days overdue). All that was actually left was the clouds, which I've done in all the newborn napping time.

It is a wonderful sampler and I learnt a lot of new stitches, which I enjoyed doing. Some I'm better at than others but then that's half the point of making a sampler. I really love the finished result and will be framing this for the baby's room.

There has been no fabric sewing going on but I did receive this gorgeous bundle of yumminess from The Village Haberdashery. Annie is a superstar and I've ordered a few times from her fabulous shop so please take time to check it out. These are destined to become low volume shapes in my rose star quilt.

Finally here's what we're all focusing on at our house. Baby Lois is amazing and adorable and I'm basking in baby cuteness :)

after her first bath - that towel was mine as a baby and is super soft! I adore the stitched house

big brother is rather taken by the cot mobile and the 'magic' remote control!

she is a pretty baby

Lois meets Elmer

chilling with mummy - both in our onesies!!

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

party of five and a celebratory giveaway!! :)

Our 'little charm' has finally arrived! We are now officially a party of five (oh how I loved that show!).

Lois Betty Brennan came into the world at 6.10am yesterday morning. She weighed 10lbs 4ozs. 

keeping it real - this girl does not like having her nappy changed!

blankets made by my mum for me as a baby

I am so happy that I was able to have her at home and she was born in the birthing pool (although she had shoulder dystocia so I was standing up for the final push!... oh and I just looked that up online - I shouldn't have!!). It was distressing and I know it was a bit lot panicky at the end but she's a strong girl and we're all fine. I was in active labour for about an hour, she was far quicker than my other two.

I was well and truly in shock for most of yesterday, I had mentally prepared myself to go into hospital and she just came so fast (about 6 hrs total). I was also shocked she is a she!! Overjoyed that her siblings have a sister and our family is complete (my husband has just added 'almost'... he would like us to get a tortoise!).

To celebrate Cindy has kindly offered a giveaway - a fabulous 20 euro gift certificate to spend at Fluffy Sheep Quilting!

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The giveaway will end next Tuesday 29th January and the winner chosen by Mr

I know you'll all appreciate this is such a special time for us and I may not be able to reply to all your comments - I'm changing nappies instead!!


p.s. For those of you wondering, if Lois had been a boy we were planning on the name Stan Peter John (the middles names are my grandfathers and my dad's names).