Saturday, 8 December 2012

A winner and more bleeping robots

***  If you have a minute please could I cheekily ask you to vote for my Travelling Pic Stitch block at Quokka Quilts - I'm number 11 in the Europe group! Ta! x

Thank you to everyone that entered my giveaway, reading what was making you smile was so fun and there were some brilliant comments. Welcome to those of you that became new followers too, I know I added a few blogs to my reader as well and I hope we can all get to know and inspire each other!

The winner of my Sew Mama Sew giveaway, as picked by Mr Random, is:

Congratulations Julie! I have sent you an email.

If you are sad you didn't win, please don't be! I will be having another giveaway on Monday, so enjoy your weekend and then come back for a chance to win more fabric as part of the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party.

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

After entering a bunch of giveaways over the past few days I was amazed how many people still have their word verification turned on. I have ranted about this before but maybe it's time for another little plea. When I could be bothered I pointed out to people that they had it on, some people may not realise (after all you don't generally comment on your own blog) and some people may not know there are great alternatives to word verification (i.e. switch off anonymous comments instead or approve comments to avoid spam). So help spread the word and stick this button on your blog:

Charm About You
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Charm About You"><img src="" alt="Charm About You" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

If you want to turn yours off then you can get a how-to HERE.

Oh and don't even get me started on 'no reply' bloggers or those that don't read instructions and fail to give you their email addresses. People I am hormonal and dangerous!

simply square button

To leave on a happier note here is a picture of my Christmas tree! We've been making more decorations and I'll show you those next week :)

And if that's not enough to get you grinning I bet looking at these TREMENDOUSLY BEAUTIFUL Anna Maria Horner ribbons will! Oh and should Father Christmas be reading, yes I would like some of these, very much please!


p.s. My son just told me that baby horses are called donkeys, I couldn't help but laugh!


  1. aaaaaaaargh word verification makes me so cross!!!!!!!!

    Love the tree :-D

  2. Your Chrissie Tree looks lovely! I voted yesterday for Travellin Pic are competing in a very tough and talented pool! Good luck! ( I was leading Australasia for awhile!)

  3. Hormonal and dangerous eh? I am standing at arms length! Congrats to the winner. Di x

  4. I hate word verification, especially on Blogger when the words are so distorted that you can barely read them. Other platforms aren't quite as bad and I like to view them as a typing test ;o) (it's the only way I've found to not be driven mad by them!) Glad I'm not a no-reply blogger!

  5. Sometimes, I don't leave comments when I see what word verification is on. Especially since they changed it and now, it's so hard to read the words sometimes and the numbers are so small!

    On my blog, it's off but I was still getting spam comments so now, anonymous commenters can't comment ! Thank you for the tip :)

  6. I have a mini-rant about the no-reply blogger thing, which I will sum up by saying that I'm a wordpresser, not a blogger and really the fault is with blogspot for not letting OpenID logins include their email address. The ENTIRE issue could be solved if they put a second line in the OpenID login.

    (But I do agree, people should really know, by this point, that it's an issue with blogger. Leave the email address, it's not complicated! When I enter stuff on Giveaway Day, I make a point of saying something completely different at every blog I visit - because I hate getting two line responses that seem to translate to I don't give even the minorest of craps, just enter my name damn it! - but I DO cut and paste my email address at the bottom. Which,

  7. Your tree looks so pretty! I love the handmade decorations!

  8. Aaaand breathe...

    I still can't get my head round the whole horse/pony/foal thing, so I wouldn't worry about him just yet ;o)

  9. I am completely with you with word verifications. I know sometimes in the past I'd leave comments and then see the word verification thing pop up as I left the page. I'd never go back and comment again.

  10. You tree looks super cute! Congrats to Julie.
    I have to say that word verification frustrates me the most when I use the iPad, the auto correct always changes what I type. And I never realized how many no reply bloggers there were who don't leave email addresses.

  11. This post had me laughing from beginning to end. Yup, beware the hormonal woman. We are everywhere!

  12. AhHa my competition, I am #17 on the Travellin' Pic Stitch for Europe. I had to vote for myself :)

  13. Don't mess with the pregnant lady!
    The tree is looking good xxx

  14. I´m with you with word verification but not with the no-reply blogger thing. I was a no-reply blogger by choice for the longest time. I have this e-mail account just for my blog and knew I wouldn´t be able to check it regular enough not to miss anything and people could still contact me via the comments on my blog. If I left a question myself in the comments on a blog I would check back on this certain blog later. (I choose to be a reply-blogger lately, so I hope your hormons are ok :-) )

    I think we bloggers should answer questions mainly in our comment section not per personal e-mail anyway, because most questions on craft blogs are not personal and the answers could be interesting for other readers, too.

  15. Your tree looks forgoes. I love a real tree, but in Australia the pines are a bit too straggly in summer, well all year really! I see you have some sunshine! Woo hoo, enjoy.

  16. I can't stand those stupid robot words, they drive my crazy!! I like the idea that there's a little cutie that thinks baby horses are called donkeys.