Thursday, 23 August 2012

guilty love of reality TV and awesome vintage embroidery!

I do love me some reality TV... not the really mind numbing stuff (BB!) but the model/fashion stuff. Monday nights are all about watching Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model for me. This week there was an awesome new addition to Sky Living's schedule with the new Styled to Rock.

I have to be honest and say I generally have mixed feelings about Rihanna, who hosts the show, but regardless it is pretty entertaining. Some wonderfully eccentric British designers, great challenges and the usual reality drama.

So how cool to see one of the judges (and stylist to Rihanna) Lysa Cooper wearing this gorgeous and very quilt inspired top:

almost want to make myself some patchwork clothes... if only I was a cool American stylist and could pull it off!!

I also found amazing inspiration in this embroidery book my mum gave me:

It was published 1972-1984 and boy can you tell!! Check out these beauties:

smocked sleeves? yes please!

frolicking in the garden dresses!

who doesn't want a monogrammed scarf?!

just cool

I am rather tempted to make this awesome retro cushion though and there's other great projects:

Tell me how can I resist making this stunning waistcoat for my husband??!!!

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  1. I love Styled to Rock - even better than Project Runway - and did see that outfit! Love the Apple in your vintage book!

  2. Ha ha, some great 70's fashion there! My youngest is heavily in to styled to rock: she really wants to do fashion design

  3. OMG! That book is something else!! I still have one of my gauze embroidered shirts somewhere in a box. I LOVE Lysa's dress!

  4. The apple is very cool.

    I wonder if I can get that show over here. I'm a couple episodes behind on Project Runway but I always love the drama...

  5. Smocked sleeves? Yes Please! Oh that cracked me up. And I definitely need a dress for frolicking in the garden, something I just do not do enough of. Thanks Lucy, you've cheered me up :)

  6. you could definately pull off a patchwork wardrobe :)

  7. Dude I want smocked sleeves! Totally! Do it up Luc!

  8. Mmmmm not into the smocking ...... But the apple is a lovely retro project.

  9. I dare you to make yourself a 'Frolicking in the Garden' maternity dress. Go on, you know you want to!

  10. Smocked sleeves? The smocked neck is even better!!! Love the apple though!
    P.S. Wonder when Project Runway/Styled to Rock is coming to 'Pick TV'? Five years? Seven?!!

  11. Oooh, you could make outfits for the whole family, how lovely!

  12. Fun looking back on styles, isn't it?

  13. I'd wear that black and purple smocky frill sleeved thing tomorrow. I bloody love it! Reckon we could make one?

  14. Oh and just to clarify that I wasn't being sarcastic. I'm deadly serious.

  15. Such a great book! Please make this waistcoat for your hubby (and make him wear it for us) ;-)
    I like the retro cushion though!

  16. That starburst vest thing is pretty fabulous!

    I love the apple cushion. You can never go wrong with a waistcoat for a man. It's just so debonair ;)

    Very awesome vintage photos!

  17. I am not sure whether you are serious or joking now! I think part of you wants the frolicking in the garden dress and the smocked sleeves ( better than smoked sleeves which I typed first) - but you must wear the hat Lucy!

  18. what great makes and what a great book!! I have a few like that somewhere will need to dig them out and share the awful photos!!

    Yes to the retro cushion it is fab!!

    No to the waistcoat please!

  19. I want a Lone Star top!!! And I wouldn't mind that stylish vest for GBF to wear, mmm so manly!!