Wednesday, 20 June 2012



I am pregnant with our third child! It's still pretty early days but I had the first scan and everything is as it should be :) My due date is in January, which is really exciting as I think 2013 will be a awesome year!

You may have noticed I've not been posting as much, commenting nearly as often or even actually sewing very much at all recently... that's because I'm kind of exhausted and I've often been going to bed at 8 or 9pm, which is ridiculously early for me! I know that this is the most important time and I am just doing whatever I feel necessary, so please excuse my slight uselessness but I know you'll understand :)

I am also constantly dropping things, saying utterly stupid things (or repeatedly asking the same thing... my poor husband!) and am completely forgetful!! I guess all of me is concentrated on growing the little one!

clever planning... quilt made even before the baby was!

Now I'm going to try and get my toddler to take a nap so I can too!

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Friday, 15 June 2012

A Quickie

I need to send you on a little journey but first I just wanted to check in quickly...

Firstly I had an amazing time on Wednesday with the kitchen quilt guild. I'm officially in love with Lynne, Laura, Katy, Brioni, Amanda, Justine and Mandy! Such a great bunch of women and a proper laugh! I got no sewing done, ate a lovely lunch in brilliant company and was able to see some of their fabulous creations up close. Even my daughter said 'can we go again next week?'

I took no photos because I'm a numpty and forgot my (husband's) camera. I did come away with this gorgeous stitching from Justine - she'd done one for all of us, she's like Superwoman with a needle!

Thank you Justine!! It's a reminder of the best weekend :)

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because LOOK, I started making my Rose Stars again and, oh my, I'm so happy!! 

Stitching bliss!
So now the journey...

Today I'm being featured on Follower Friday over at Knotted- Thread, so would you please do me a kindness and come and see me there?! You can learn a little bit more about me (so if I ever come to your house you can make me a cheese and marmite sandwich!)


I'm planning to get lots of sewing time in this weekend, hope you do too!


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Siblings Together Quilt, gifts and a little FQR

I had to answer Lynne's call for help. Siblings Together is an amazing cause and having kids it just pulled at my heart strings. I haven't actually blogged about making this quilt but it went together so fast there wasn't much to say! I started this before heading to the Fat Quarterly Retreat, intending to take it with me but I hadn't quite finished. The other day I managed to put the binding on and it's all ready to be sent off to 'Siblings Together'.

I got the idea for the quilt from Amy's off-set square block tutorial, I wanted to show off the large prints and this worked really well. The fabric is mostly Emily Herrick's Hall of Fame (and a couple of solids) - I won a fat quarter bundle from her blog. I think it'll be a great quilt for any sporting boy or girl!

There has been lots of involvement in this project, check out Lynne's post to see more great quilts!

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I managed another finish because it was my amazing friend's birthday and I got to give her a pressie this weekend. I made her a weighted pincushion, using this great tutorial.

I used some of my precious Blend button box fabric, which just looks so cute! I love that this is adaptable and you can take off the little basket, so useful. Now I have to get on with making her a baby quilt :)

I was lucky enough to get an awesome gift in the post from the fabulously talented Rachael of Blue Mountain Daisy, after I left a rather rude comment on her SMS giveaway. Who knew being crude could get you prizes?!!

I was in love before I even opened her gift, the packaging was even gorgeous!

And inside was this brilliant double sided pincushion:

I love it!!! She is so kind and also included this gorgeous fabric:

Thank you so much Rachael! I assure you I'm usually much more ladylike (although those that met me recently will likely disagree!!).

Things have been a little overwhelming recently... lots going on. My brain is also still coming to grips with all the information, excitement and brilliantness of the Fat Quarterly Retreat.
I have written posts in my head about it but I just can't seem to cram it all in!! I think rather than do one post I'm just going to include things as and when.

What I will say is that it was SO well organised, I ADORED all my classes and I was so lucky to meet and spend time with the most amazing people. Thank you to the Fat Quarterly team and all the great sponsors.
Truly everyone was even nicer, funnier and kinder than I thought possible. I had so many great conversations and can't wait to do it again next year :)... also because I want to talk to Sarah and maybe sit at her end of the table if we go for dinner!

I even got invited to join some amazing ladies in their kitchen quilt guild and we're meeting tomorrow! I'm not sure who invited me exactly but I'm pretty sure they're going to regret it... with no mum on hand to babysit I will have my daughter in tow. Lynne may seriously never speak to me again!! I'm super excited to get to know them all better and I know it'll be great fun. I'm going to take lots of pictures just to prove I was there once!! ;)

I also met my soul mates, Nicky and Emily - who I just got on with like a house on fire. I actually suspect Emily and I would make some genius creations together if we lived nearer, that or just cause total chaos and havoc ;)
I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time!!
If I was a better blogger I'd list all the brilliant people I met but I haven't time and I have a memory like a sieve - just know that if I talked to you I am probably in love with you (especially you Moira, not least because you say amazeballs!!).

I'll show you one thing I got finished...  a little stitching from my embroidery class with Aneela Hoey. She was a great teacher, I was happy to learn couching and hear her advice. She was truly lovely, so honest and very helpful. I'm hoping she doesn't think me and Emily are psycho for getting her autograph on some fabric (ok Emily might be a bit, she's already stitched hers!!) ;)
How cute is this little robin?!

Now I have to think what to make this into...

As well as working on getting Katy her own TV show, oh and trying to get my hands on the book so I can join in Allegory's awesome QAL!

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p.s. For those cheeky folks wanting to know the rude comment...

Rachael asked for the answer to 'why did the chicken cross the road?' and without thinking I wrote 'because it was chasing the cock'