Thursday, 20 October 2011

Winter Sewing

Winter Sewing. Aren't those just the two most perfect words?!

Linking up to Winter Stitching at FairyFace Designs and Thursday Think Tank at making rebecca lynne!

I've already listed some of the projects I'm making for Christmas over at Rainbow Hare Quilts.

I'm going to separate my makes into Christmas and Winter, so I can keep track of the presents as well as other projects.

So my Christmas list stays at has grown to include:

2 purple quilts that I'm making on the Dead Simple QAL and Drunkard's Path QAL

1 baby quilt (for a boy, can you tell?!)
2 quilts for each of my nieces

as well as...

numerous toys
oven gloves
a dress for the girl!
at least 2 zippered pouches

I may well add to this list as I think of other people and more gifts to make!!

For winter sewing I have some fun projects I'd really like to have made by Spring, I also want to list some targets:

Does Not Compute quilt (I promise to finish this soon Rebecca!!)
Blogger's BOM - keep up to date!
Owl quilt
Secret quilt (only 3 blocks made so far)
More fmq practice and try to do some on actual quilts!
Love of rain quilt - inspired by the Rainy Days Quilt over at Quilting in the Rain
A vintage inspired / modern quilt using these fabrics:

For the last one I was thinking of using the Across the Sea QAL pattern, I really like those blocks but I'm still not decided. Since this is for me I can do whatever I like but I really want to make something that will showcase the fabrics and I think the crosses would do that, I also love the design! If anyone has any ideas or patterns they think would work better and want to share please hit me with them :)


  1. I'm so impressed with your list! I wish I could be inspired to make a list, let alone try to complete it! I look forward to seeing how you get on!

  2. So much on there Lucy! How about Dresden plats for your vintage inspired quilt - just came to me looking at the photo! That is one on my list to do...

  3. That's a LOT to do before Christmas. I just can't keep up with my To Do list as I keep adding to it all the time.

  4. good luck! i'm needing to finish the DP qal, the across the sea qal, and I wanna make two other quilts all for christmas. We shall see if that's even possible, lol.

  5. Winter plans? I'm so bad at thinking ahead. I tend to focus only on the project I'm currently on, and then feel all let down when it's done because I have nothing else to work on!!

  6. I have a stack of vintage-type patterns like that, and I plan on doing a FWQ-style quilt with them. Lots of fun fussy cutting to feature the characters and designs on the prints. :) :)

  7. I need to actually write down my Winter Stitching list. That would be a good start, right?

    That quilting in the rain quilt is so cute! I have some of that fabric and was wondering what exactly to do with it.

    That plate on your blog header is too funny!

  8. Great list! Love, love, love your boy fabrics, they are right up my street and will make a fab quilt. Would love to see you doing the ATS quilt (of course!). Also, I always find a simple square block design is great to showcase lovely fabrics - sometimes it feels too simple but it does let the fabric shine. Will be looking forward to seeing what you decide on :-)

  9. wow, that is quite a list! I'll be over here, on the sidelines, cheering you on :)

  10. What a fun list! I have the rainy days quilt on mine as well! Look forward to seeing pics!

  11. Great list! Thats a lot to get done by christmas!
    Fab boy fabrics they will make a great quilt!

  12. doh - i wanted to do the drunkards path one too - i bought a template and everything - have to edit my list!

    good luck with yours

  13. Love the list - I'll be on the look out for the owl quilt! Love Nicky's idea of a Dresden Plate for your vintage/modern quilt or how about a swoon block? (Yes, it's on my 'to do' list, no I have no idea when I'll get round to it!)

  14. love the fabric plenty to be going on with! x

  15. Nice list! Can't wait to see your projects!

  16. You have some great projects on your list Lucy - I love the fabrics you have picked for the boy quilt!

  17. I think you're right about using the Across the Sea Pattern. It'd showcase those fabrics nicely.
    Plus, I see dinosaurs! :)