Monday, 10 October 2011

Sunday Sewing

I haven't done quite as much as I would have liked this weekend but here's where I'm up to. After the fmq practice I realised it may take some time for me to get good!! So, rather than wait, I decided just to go for it on the other half quilt. I'm cheating slightly because I'm outlining some of the design on the backing fabric -  literally quilting back to front. It looks weird but once it's all done I think it'll just look like wiggly lines. When I look at it I'm switching between seeing odd bear shapes, snowflakes, stars and squiggles! I kind of like the oddness! When it's done I'll show you more and see what you think:

I'm realising how crucial speed is and finding it really hard to stay at a decent speed without going super fast! It is fun but boy my arms are getting a work out!! I'm also using LOTS of thread.

My gold watch project went from this,

to this...

Some slightly shabby looking hand embroidery (which doesn't look SO bad in real life!!). Need to do some machine sewing, make a label and then I'm planning on hand quilting it. My step-dad retires October 2011 - see the time?!


  1. I think doing fmq on your half quilt is such a good idea, Lucy, and it's looking really good. Your watch is also looking great :)

  2. Love your star quilting, and the gold watch is looking good!
    I look forward to the next bits!