Sunday, 25 September 2011

Autumn Equinox and being a mum

I haven't really put pictures of my children on here and would really rather keep it about my sewing stuff but recently I had the pleasure of having Rebecca Chow, a wonderful photographer, come and take pictures of me and the kids for her brilliant blog project. She has a blog called 'The Mothers' where she has created "a place where we could share stories and experiences without feeling judged or criticised". 

If it sounds interesting to you, or indeed you are a mother I would love for you to go and have a look, please also follow or comment because I'm sure she'd appreciate it! 
And if you're feeling a bit nosy or would like to read my interview feel free to go learn more about Lucy, Fred and Joan!

My kids love being outside and this time of year is just the best, kicking leaves and splashing in puddles, coming home and getting wrapped up in a quilt! Who doesn't love Autumn?! I'm linking up to Noas' Libellule to show what epitomises Autumn. For me it's this:

A collection my children made on our travels. There are conkers all over our house!

And when they're not outside, the kids are inside trashing the house, remember what happened to our TV table?! Well I managed to come up with a solution and made a table cover (not a runner, although it would be on a bigger table!):

Aaahhhh! Isn't that better? (excuse all the toys!)

Buzz is so desperate to get in the pictures!

I have also chosen some of the fabric for my secret quilt:

It's not really cohesive but I don't think it'll matter much in the grand scheme of things. Now just need to get working on it!

I have more focus now that I've finally got my quilt-a-long quilt quilted (is that right? It seems very complicated with lots of q's!!). I used a dark green small print fabric for the binding and I'm really pleased with it:

MMMMmmmmmmm snuggly! It's pretty big, about 87"x66" and I'm so chuffed that I've finished my second quilt and I can throw it on our bed tonight :)

Something else to smile about is my 31 followers! Thank you so much! It also oddly pleases me because that's my age. So I'm doing a little 31 wiggly dance celebration :)


  1. Whew hew 31 - I LOVE IT LUCY!!! Going to check out The Mothers and your interview next but I wanted to stop in and Congratulate you first. Please do a wiggle for me, 31 was a good year for yours truly! xoxo

  2. Was great to come and photograph the three of you; absolutely gorgeous and clearly a house full of love and fun! x

  3. Go the wiggly dance! Great choice of binding really finishes it off nicely. I'm off now to read about all your secrets!

  4. Love the Autumn picture! Well done on 31!! and going to check out the photoshoot - I LOVE finding new photographers.

    Happy Autumn!

  5. Going to check out the photos . . . Happy 31!

  6. It is not easy being a young mother...

    Love your fabrics and your quilt!

  7. Great quilt, I love the colours...well done you.

  8. Thank you anonymous! It goes really well in our bedroom :)